Permanent Resident Visas In Panama

The acquisition of a real estate unit in Panama allows you to qualify for a Permanent Resident Visa according to Executive Decree 722 of October 15, 2020

Estimated processing time: The application for a Permanent Resident Permit as a Qualified Investor will be resolved in a period not exceeding thirty (30) working days, counted from the time of submission of the application, through the special processing area of the National Immigration Service.
Welcome to a new stage of your life in Panama

Live in Panama

RI GROUP PANAMA helps you make your dream of living in Panama a reality, we help you in all the processes of this important stage for your life as a family, as a couple or by yourself. We take care of making you feel at home.

We help you with everything from:

  • Find the ideal schools for your children if you need it.
  • To expose your business, investment or idea.
  • Make friends, find potential clients, find investors, financing and banks.
  • Select the best place to live or the best way to invest in Panama.
Panama City

Panama has everything you need and is waiting for you.
Live in Panama.

We are the best option for your real estate investment to become a success with high returns.

You have several options to get permanent residency in Panama.

We work together with the best law firms in the country to make your residency process a success.

Panama, a beautiful country of countless value, enjoy the Panama Canal, the beautiful beaches, its culture, art, its cosmopolitan city, and its stable and strong financial system.

Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Panama has become one of the most important business centers in the American Continent, with vast experience in areas such as logistics, banking, finance, customer service, which added to its economic stability, makes it one of the most attractive and safe destinations for investment and housing in Latin America.

There are more than 30 laws and decrees that offer special incentives in different sectors such as tourism, export zones, mining, reforestation, insurance and reinsurance, agro-industry, oil-free zones, infrastructure, construction, real estate and many more. This allows a stable and diversified flow of income and foreign exchange.


Being happy, partying, charismatic and peaceful are qualities that create the identity of the Panamanian, Panama is a cosmopolitan city but its spirit is in its people, that diversity of races and that mixture of colors characterizes them.


Panama has the US dollar as its currency, a connectivity that goes far beyond geographical location, such as the Panama Canal and the Tocumen International Airport, the expansion of ports and a strong and stable International Banking Center.


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