Fondo de Inversión

We are a Real Estate Investment Company, closed, self-administered, umbrella type and regulated by the Superintendence of the Stock Market of the Republic of Panama.

RI Multi Inversión

Ri Multi Inversion is a private investment fund that operates in the industry´s different areas.

It connects businesses with key contacts, projects and shareholders, creating investment funds and development.

RI Patrimonial

RI PATRIMONIAL offers its services to families, individuals and legal entities who are looking protection for their assets and, at the same time, our assistance protecting and advising them regarding the best options for generating returns.

We take care of integrated management of patrimonies.

RI Project Manager

RI PROJECT MANAGER is a company that manages and administers real estate projects from its conception through its development and promotion, including those aspects where a strict control is required and customized follow up to ensure results.

RI Inmobiliaria

RI INMOBILIARIA is a real estate company with over 12 years of experience managing and promoting real estate developments for property developers as well as the banking sector.

We maximize the profitability of your projects by selecting the best product, the best plans and the best advice.

RI Propiedades

We simplify the purchase and possession of repossessed real estate through a personalized service that guarantees procedures and immediate responses.


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RI Group Tower, Obarrio 53rd East Street, 9, 11 th floor, Panama, Panama City

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