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RI GROUP PANAMA is a business consortium with over 12 years of experience, proven by our seriousness, respect and efficacy through results.

Financial discipline is our strength.

We generate financial and social values through our business group; we strive to become the best neighbor in the areas where we are present.

For 12 years, RI GROUP has been diversified and participated in worldwide markets in different ways, generating employment opportunities, hiring highly qualified human resources, with strong ethical values and integrity, with the purpose of offering quality services focused on complete customer satisfaction.

In addition to our main business sectors, RI GROUP manages several strategic corporations which complement our competitive advantage through our pillars: RI PROJECT MANAGER and RI REAL ESTATE.

Transforming ourselves into a leading, serious, committed company that listens to the needs of its customers and the market.

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Our business strategy is to generate competitive advantages; offer integral customized solutions through our services.

We built an organization with values and a culture centered on the market and customers, with a passion for meeting goals and comply with our purposes, working with our philosophy of zero damage to third parties; creating an environment of compliance, commitment and focus in order to manage and become a leadership, compliant, serious, profitable and successful corporate model ; we are success generators in our businesses thanks to the union of our collaborators, strategic partners, investors, and the best banking institutions.

RI Group Panama considers customers and providers its priority and works hand on hand to create aggregated value positioning them as valuable and trustworthy partners.

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RI Group Tower, Obarrio 53rd East Street, 11 th floor, Panama, Panama City

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